I ran into an issue today, where if you put in a search tearm on a site, no results were returned. Of course results were returned last week, why no results this week?

So did some digging into the SSP (SP2007), and noticed that the crawls were idle as they were supposed to be, but when I checked for errors in the crawl log, I saw that the site I was having the problem with, had the error “The Parameter is incorrect”.

My first thought, was what? And then my mind went back to an earlier time, a time when I’d heard about SharePoint and 64 kb ACL limits. Something to do with how many user accounts you have listed in your SharePoint Groups. I remember something about greater than 1000 wasn’t great, but more than that you were inviting trouble. We were far over that limit. In case you’re not aware, if you are managing a site where you have hundreds of users, its really better for everyone involved if you use Windows A/D Groups for management of the users. Seriously, it’s a best practice and everything. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc850696.aspx

So what’s the fix? You could create another SharePoint Group with the same permissions as your currently overloaded group, give it permissions the same as you have for your current group, and start a user migration from one group to another. Or if you’re lucky you can just delete a few hundred users.

Kicked off an incremental crawl again, and back in business with search results. According tohttp://blogs.msdn.com/b/mattlind/archive/2007/11/02/sharepoint-indexing-limited-by-64-kb-acl-limit.aspx It appears the magic number is somewhere around 1812 users in a group is where you start getting a helpful error message. After that just the good old The Parameter is incorrect. Error.


Hope this is helpful to someone.​


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