Wow, so I heard some great news today while going through my “SPAM” email. It would seem that the Nigerian “419” email scam is now absolutely legitimate. All this time, my payments getting delayed, angry young men wanting more and more money, threats on my life etc… were all because I was talking to the wrong person! I’m so relieved!

Finally my dreams of being super rich, due to someone else’s misfortune or the need to move some cash out of the country are soon to happen, well just $480 away (Lawyer’s Fee’s). But hey what does Journey say “Don’t stop believing…something something something something”.

Anyway’s I’ve just so excited I figured I had to share this great news! </sarcasm>

In case you can’t tell I’m kidding, but I did get a new 419 scam email today, are they really making a new attempt at it?

If you need to know more about what is a 419 scam?
Nigerian 419 Scam​

See the new “Legit” 419 Email Here.jpg


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