Month: June 2018

Top 3 Etiquette Tips for Microsoft Teams

As more and more users are moving over to MS Teams, i thought this would be a great time to share some tips on “Teams” Etiquette when using the application. Are these real tips or just pet peeves? I’ll let you decide, but for now, here’s my Top five umm three Etiquette tips when using Microsoft Teams. 1. Use the Reply Button. So you’re in a Channel inside of a team, and someone sends out a message to the team needing some feedback on what’s the best paper to use for printing full color TPS reports? Well the “magic” about a collaborative Threaded Conversation in Teams happens only when you keep the needle in the thread, or is that the thread in the needle?. Regardless don’t reply to a thread with a new thread. As you can see from the Conversation above. Charles asks a question. then has a followup, but instead of following up in his Thread, he created an entirely new thread! Now I’m not sure which one to reply to. And heaven forbid I create a new thread as a reply, but that’s what happens when we don’t keep the needle in the thread People!!! Don’t be like Charles Askme (fictitious name, unless that is actually your name, and then it’s not actually fictitious at all, and I apologize.) Be like me, keep the reply in the...

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Microsoft Teams – “The new king of Team”

So, unless you’ve been completely away from the Microsoft collaboration ecosystem called Office 365 for a while, you’re probably a little bit familiar with the tool called Teams. This is not to be confused with well a SharePoint team site. (teamsite)? I mean granted a Team can contain a place for files, wiki’s and honestly gets built with a SharePoint team site for the Team, and well it’s for collaboration but it’s not the same thing. You’re just going to have to trust me here. 🙂 Now if you’re familiar with Skype, Slack, Hangouts, iMessage or a plethora of other communication and collaboration tools that are in the office environments, then I’m sure you’ll be fine understanding this new tool. I personally was a little bit of a skeptic when this tool first arrived. My initial thought was “oh great.. another tool to do the same thing this previous tool was doing”. But the more I used Teams the more I think I started to like it. Especially in an environment like ours where so much information, requests, banter, meme’s comes at us like the Niagara falls! There’s some great information about Teams available over on the site, matter of fact the next couple paragraphs where pulled directly from it. “Microsoft Teams brings together the full breadth and depth of Office 365, to provide a true chat-based hub...

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