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SharePoint 2013 Preview & Windows 2012 RC UI changes – Part 2

This is a continuation of my first post So after a very exciting couple of day installing and playing around with these 2 new packages, I think I’ve got it good to go. After a smooth uninstall of the SharePoint 2013 package, I kicked off a Standalone installation on the server. Everything went well this time around, well until I got to the psconfig. The UI ran, but then I noticed that I was getting an error on step 3 of the config wizard. Failed to connect to the configuration database. An exception of type System.Management.Automation.CmdletInvocationException was thrown.  Additional exception information: ErrorCode<NonDomainNWService>:SubStatus<ES0001>:Service running under Network Service account in workgroup environment is not supported.​ My first thought was a really technical “Oh Come On!” but it just so happened that Neil Sly (@nrs) was having the same issue and posted a link to a technet post via yammer (are you using yammer yet?). Appears that one of the Pre-Req’s is a tool called AppFabric (more info later) which does something or the other with caching, and for some reason running it at Network Service gets it madder than a 2yr old in a candy store forced to practice restraint. Anyways the following powershell command will create the configdb manually then you can run the psconfig again and it will complete. (Sorta…)  psconfig.exe -cmd Configdb create SkipRegisterAsDistributedCacheHost What do you mean sorta? Well PSCONFIG failed again for...

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SharePoint 2013 Preview & Windows 2012 RC UI changes – Part 1

Well if you were any type of SharePoint person you were probably glued to the Microsoft Webcasts detailing all the hush hush info we’ve speculated about for a while regarding Office 365 and SharePoint 2013. I was extremely happy to see the features they demo’d for us, and can’t wait to get my hands on them. I would have downloaded the preview and get it running yesterday but was just a bit too swamped. But I did get a little time to test it out on my Cloudshare environment today. I figured I’d download the SharePoint 2013 bits as well as as well as get a little familiar with Windows Server 2012 RC. I spun up a new environment (Thanks Cloudshare) running Win2k12 and SQL 2012. Once my SP2013 files finished, I ran the pre-req’s. Rebooted at least 3 times due to some notices that a previous reboot did not complete. Of course this was my first experience with the new Server 8/2012 UI. And it took me a while to realize that you can’t just click the start/windows icon, and click reboot. I actually rebooted my server twice from the control panel VM interface before finally googling and realizing that the Shutdown and Reboot icons appear on the far right side of the screen, only if you move your cursor to the top right corner of the screen. Then select the icon that looks like a gear. From there you...

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The tool was unable to install Hotfix for Microsoft Windows (KB976462)

Ran into this issue today when doing a SharePoint 2010 install from media on several new Windows 2008 R2 SP1 machines. “There was an error during installation. The tool was unable to install Hotfix for Microsoft Windows (KB976462)” Kicked off he Pre-requisite installer and got that error after it finished. Scratched my head because it didn’t really give me a good clear concise reason why it failed. I figured maybe the download had gotten hung possible due to a network issue and re-ran the pre-req installer. Of course this time all was good. No biggie. Then I moved to my other machines where I’d kicked off the pre-req installer at the same time on each, and sure enough that all had the exact same error. Did some quick digging and sure enough, looks like Windows 2008 R2 SP1 already has fixes in the KB in it. So microsoft recommends, (wait for it…) Run the pre-req again. 🙂 Kicked off the pre-req again on the other boxes and all went through good. Microsoft support KB here.​...

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