Month: January 2018

SharePoint user with Full Control Permissions, can’t add Web Parts to Page on site

I had a user contact me about an issue where he was trying to add a web part to a page on the subsite that he was an owner on. When I mention Owner I mean he literally was in the owners group, and the owners group had full control permissions (literally all the check boxes selected in the Permissions Matrix). He was trying to get this to work on a subsite. Anytime the user went to add a web part the categories only showed 1 Folder (Apps) available. When I went to the page I could see a full listing of Folders Web parts etc. I was thinking it surely had to be an issue with his account. So I gave a test user the same access this user had then tested it on my machine, and sure enough I ran into the same issue.  It took a little digging and finally I realized that this user was an owner on a subsite, but a subsites web part gallery list is actually on the top level root site in the site collection. So to resolve this, you first need to Go to Site Settings, then click the “Go to top level site settings” link under the Site Collection Administration Section. Next click the “Web parts” link under the Web Designer Galleries section. The click the “Library Settings” Link...

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