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NACS 2019 – PowerShell and Office 365 for Admins Slidedeck

Thanks for everyone who took the time to come to my session with PowerShell and office 365 for admins this morning at Day 1 of the #NACS here in Branson. Here are the links from my Resource Page How to use the Windows Credential Manager (includes link to module to use if using SPO) Incredible collection of common admin scripts for SharePoint Online by Laura Kokkarinen Vlad Catrinescu’s blog site and great collection of PowerShell scripts to get reports and update stuff in SharePoint Online. Also, Free Plug for Vlad’s incredibly helpful Book! If you’re still here and want my slidedeck, it’s available here. 🙂NACS2019-Slidedeck...

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New Outlook Client who dis?

So today, like most days I was clicking through on my smart phone, opened the outlook mail client, and i like. “wait?! hold up, what app is this?!”. If you haven’t downloaded the new update, you’re noticed that they liked it so they put a header on it. I mean it’s not too much, but the old design, without the header, vs the need click top bar, just instantly makes the outlook mobile app “pop” in my opinion. Now this feature and others was announced, back in December 2018. But looks like it may finally be rolling out main stream. Check out all the new features in the new Outlook Mobile App for iOS here. New Outlook Mobile App on iOS The Old Outlook Mobile App on iOS...

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Add Site Collection Admin to SharePoint Online Site Collections by URL Filter

TLDR; Use Where Instead of -filter I had a request to give a specific user account Site Collection Admin (SCA) rights a group of Modern Team sites in SharePoint Online. My friend Daniel has previously created a script to give a user account SCA rights to all the sites in the tenant.  I knew I could use create a variable $a  and then use Get-SPOSite and filter by some of the site properties. I also know I could do a foreach of $a and have it return the site collection then I could do some magic against the objects. Step...

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Return all the Get-Counter counters in the Web Service Path

Somewhere, someone, is going to want to get a list of all of the counters available on a server in a specific Path. Maybe it’s just me and I’m needing to reference this again in the future. So future me, here ya go. All the counters in the Web Service Path. You can get this via Powershell using import-module webadministration; (Get-Counter -ListSet “Web Service”).paths | Sort-Object CounterSetName | Format-Table CounterSetName If you want all counters use Get-Counter -ListSet “Web Service” | Sort-Object CounterSetName | Format-Table CounterSetName   \Web Service(*)\Other Request Methods/sec \Web Service(*)\Total Method Requests \Web Service(*)\Total Other Request...

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Labels still matter.

Yes my developer friends, labels do still matter.  GB used vs MB used, or let’s round up to the nearest GB, instead of displaying the data value in MB, and the label in GB. Unless the expectation is every user will be downloading the library of congress monthly. #ConfuseAllTheusers...

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