Month: May 2011

Quick Tip – use the Settings.aspx page

get to your site collection settings quickly, saves at least 2 steps. 🙂 http://yoursitename/layouts/settings.aspx I use this often when I need to verify a site has current content in it, or make sure site features are on etc… Sometimes those 5-10 secs really add up especially when you’re supporting an environment with over a thousand or so teamsites.​...

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Welcome to your Blog err Office 365! (and now beyond)

I’ve decided to jump on the Office 365 beta, and give is a whirl. I went to the Office 365 class at SharePoint Saturday. The session was taught by John Ferringer @ferringer (twitter), and was a very good overview on the offering and toolset. It really helped me get a better understanding of the good and the bad and how the Office 365 suite could be a good possible alternative to the initial IT needs for a small organization and business. So just gonna hang on and see if I can migrate some of my blogs from my local SharePoint 2010 installation to Office 365.​...

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