I had a great opportunity to attend and speak at the SPSATL this past weekend! Was a great time to learn from so many experts in my field as well as share a little bit about what we Admin’s can do in O365.

I’m attaching a copy of my slidedeck , hopefully it doesn’t get hit for copyright or Spoilers! 🙂 Aww Snap!

Also if you won a prize I’m getting those in the mail today! Thank you so much for attending and I hope there was something that could be gleamed from it! Looking forward to the next opportunity!

Here are the links from my Resource Page

How to use the Windows Credential Manager (includes link to module to use if using SPO)

Incredible collection of common admin scripts for SharePoint Online by Laura Kokkarinen

Vlad Catrinescu’s blog site and great collection of PowerShell scripts to get reports and update stuff in SharePoint Online.

Also, Free Plug for Vlad’s incredibly helpful Book!

If you’re still here and want my slide deck, it’s available here. 🙂
SPSATL2019 – Slidedeck


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