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As more and more users are moving over to MS Teams, i thought this would be a great time to share some tips on “Teams” Etiquette when using the application. Are these real tips or just pet peeves? I’ll let you decide, but for now, here’s my Top five¬†umm three Etiquette tips when using Microsoft Teams.

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1. Use the Reply Button.

So you’re in a Channel inside of a team, and someone sends out a message to the team needing some feedback on what’s the best paper to use for printing full color TPS reports? Well the “magic” about a collaborative Threaded Conversation in Teams happens only when you keep the needle in the thread, or is that the thread in the needle?.
Regardless don’t reply to a thread with a new thread.

As you can see from the Conversation above. Charles asks a question. then has a followup, but instead of following up in his Thread, he created an entirely new thread!
Now I’m not sure which one to reply to. And heaven forbid I create a new thread as a reply, but that’s what happens when we don’t keep the needle in the thread People!!!

Don’t be like Charles Askme (fictitious name, unless that is actually your name, and then it’s not actually fictitious at all, and I apologize.) Be like me, keep the reply in the thread. ūüôā¬† Imagine searching threads and you run across my replies, and want to know what I’m replying about. Is the question really “Or Maybe I should use both?”

Lets collaborate efficiently people.

2. Use a picture. – Any picture will do. Well mostly any picture.

The default behavior of MS Teams is to use your first 2 initials as your avatar (Wait, is that still the term?).

This is fine and good, but also it just assigns you a random color for your name as well. One of the first questions people were asking when we rolled out teams, was, how do I change my color from Pink. Well. Easy fix, Add a Pic.

Another great reason to add a picture of yourself, is since we’re limited to just 2 Letters in the Default Name, there’s bound to be some situations where you have some co-workers with names like¬†Joe Smith (HR manager) and Joe Sanders (wise cracking jr developer).¬†Then Joe Smith (HR) messages you in Teams, asking if you’ve finished setting up permissions on someone. Well, you’re doing multiple things at once as usual, and you mistakenly think that this¬†JS¬†messinging you, is the wise cracking jr developer. And of course you, thinking it’s comedy central time, reply back with your favorite meme of Gary Coleman asking “What You Talking Bout Willis?” or maybe something worse.

Now I know what you’re thinking… Just look at his name, but oh wait, the default behavior on a mobile device is to send the firstname and First Letter of the last name to you. So Joe S, could be HR or your Jr dev!

I’m not saying I’ve done this, but lets just say My manager has probably gotten some wise cracked responses to requests over Teams, that he otherwise would not have gotten had I paid more attention to who was chatting me up.

3. Use @Person

If you’re really wanting a response from a particular person, and say you have 2 or 3 hundred channels in your team, I mean you could just post the question in the General Channel and hope and pray that, the person you’re wanting to reply will randomly check the general channel, and reply to your thread.

But if you really want to contact that person. Try @Person tagging them by name, will send them a notification that somebody is talking about them. And nothing brings people into a room to see what’s going on, than knowing someone is talking about them.

Well that’s my top 3 Teams Etiquette Tips for today!
I’m sure I’ll be creating more and soon! But until them! #TeamOn and Keep Collaborating!




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