I ran across this new gem this morning. Not 100% sure if this is new to Build 10074 or a previous, but single clicking in the clock/date are in the lower right hand corner of your screen brings up a new modern web looking calendar. I use this a lot to quickly see what day a date falls on in the weeks ahead, or what date it was on a particular day when I paid a bill or something, instead of running to outlook and looking at the calendar there.

To my surprise, it looks like the normal calendar got a visual upgrade. The Additional clocks link brought up some additional surprises.

There are some tabs for a truly functioning Alarm Clock, the World Clock, a Timer, as well as a Stopwatch.



I quickly created a new alarm, by clicking the + icon. at the bottom of the tab.

Filled in some defaults, and clicked the disk (save) icon.


That displayed my new alarm, as well as the default alarm looks seems to already be there. (Disabled)



I waited a couple mins and get a Notification pop up in the lower right corner of my desktop, as well as chimes (the sound I selected when setting up my alarm) sounding through my speakers.alarm3


Pretty simply and very fast. I didn’t have to send myself a Gmail alarm or even open Outlook and create a new appointment.

Some questions I have now are, can alarms set on your desktop sync with your Live account and notify you on multiple devices? Regardless I think these will be helpful reminds to do things like, Send that TPS report before I get too deep in problem solving for the day.



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