We’ve been working through some issue’s on one of our SP2013 Farms related to List Throttling on a library in a particular site.

Mark Rackley posted a very good blog yesterday about this issue and some ways to work around it. http://www.markrackley.net/2014/10/22/working-around-that-pesky-list-view-threshold-in-office-365-sharepoint-2013/ This is a great read for Admins, Dev, and End Users who may run into this issue.

I just wanted to add that one of our SharePoint Admins here also found some powershell that will allow you to completely disable the throttle on a single SharePoint List.

I don’t recommend this option as a fix for all, but maybe you have a list that is in the process of getting “fixed” or cleaned up, but you’ve gotta leave your throttle up for functionalities sake until it’s resolved. Our concern was the list throttle is a Web Application Level setting, so ANY list/library in ANY site in ANY Site Collection in your web app is affected and you don’t know what other lists have now creeped over the limit and  will break once you reduce the threshold back down to the recommended limit of 5000.

So what was found is a powershell script that will disable the throttle for just 1 list, that way all of the lists can continue to adheed to the throttle limit while this 1 particular list can continue to function around it.

Disable throttle for particular SPlist:

$mywebsite = Get-SPWeb “http://awesome.contoso.com/sites/bandit”
$mySPList = $mywebsite.Lists[“Uber Tasks”]
$mySPList.EnableThrottling = $false


You can then verify if this list is changed by:


When you are ready for this list to get back in line with the rest of the fam you can Enable  it back  by:

$mySPList.EnableThrottling = $true


Thanks Alana Baker @CoronaKween for finding this helpful powershell, and thanks Mark Rackley @mrackley for the great post!

Happy SharePointing everyone!



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