Somewhere, someone, is going to want to get a list of all of the counters available on a server in a specific Path. Maybe it’s just me and I’m needing to reference this again in the future. So future me, here ya go. All the counters in the Web Service Path.

You can get this via Powershell using

import-module webadministration;
(Get-Counter -ListSet “Web Service”).paths | Sort-Object CounterSetName | Format-Table CounterSetName

If you want all counters use
Get-Counter -ListSet “Web Service” | Sort-Object CounterSetName | Format-Table CounterSetName


\Web Service(*)\Other Request Methods/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Method Requests
\Web Service(*)\Total Other Request Methods
\Web Service(*)\Total Unlock Requests
\Web Service(*)\Unlock Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total ISAPI Extension Requests
\Web Service(*)\ISAPI Extension Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\CGI Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Method Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total CGI Requests
\Web Service(*)\Lock Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Propfind Requests
\Web Service(*)\Propfind Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Mkcol Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Copy Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Mkcol Requests
\Web Service(*)\Search Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Lock Requests
\Web Service(*)\Total Search Requests
\Web Service(*)\Total Proppatch Requests
\Web Service(*)\Proppatch Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Not Found Errors
\Web Service(*)\Total Allowed Async I/O Requests
\Web Service(*)\Total Rejected Async I/O Requests
\Web Service(*)\Total Blocked Async I/O Requests
\Web Service(*)\Maximum CAL count for SSL connections
\Web Service(*)\Total count of failed CAL requests for SSL connections
\Web Service(*)\Current blocked bandwidth bytes.
\Web Service(*)\Service Uptime
\Web Service(*)\Total blocked bandwidth bytes.
\Web Service(*)\Current Blocked Async I/O Requests
\Web Service(*)\Measured Async I/O Bandwidth Usage
\Web Service(*)\Current CAL count for SSL connections
\Web Service(*)\Current CGI Requests
\Web Service(*)\Current ISAPI Extension Requests
\Web Service(*)\Locked Errors/sec
\Web Service(*)\Not Found Errors/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Locked Errors
\Web Service(*)\Maximum CAL count for authenticated users
\Web Service(*)\Total count of failed CAL requests for authenticated users
\Web Service(*)\Current CAL count for authenticated users
\Web Service(*)\Maximum CGI Requests
\Web Service(*)\Maximum ISAPI Extension Requests
\Web Service(*)\Total Anonymous Users
\Web Service(*)\Anonymous Users/sec
\Web Service(*)\Current NonAnonymous Users
\Web Service(*)\Files/sec
\Web Service(*)\Current Anonymous Users
\Web Service(*)\Maximum NonAnonymous Users
\Web Service(*)\Current Connections
\Web Service(*)\Maximum Anonymous Users
\Web Service(*)\Total NonAnonymous Users
\Web Service(*)\NonAnonymous Users/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Files Transferred
\Web Service(*)\Bytes Received/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Bytes Transferred
\Web Service(*)\Total Bytes Received
\Web Service(*)\Total Bytes Sent
\Web Service(*)\Bytes Sent/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Files Received
\Web Service(*)\Files Received/sec
\Web Service(*)\Files Sent/sec
\Web Service(*)\Bytes Total/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Files Sent
\Web Service(*)\Maximum Connections
\Web Service(*)\Total Delete Requests
\Web Service(*)\Delete Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Put Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Head Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Put Requests
\Web Service(*)\Move Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Copy Requests
\Web Service(*)\Total Move Requests
\Web Service(*)\Total Trace Requests
\Web Service(*)\Trace Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Head Requests
\Web Service(*)\Logon Attempts/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Options Requests
\Web Service(*)\Total Logon Attempts
\Web Service(*)\Total Connection Attempts (all instances)
\Web Service(*)\Connection Attempts/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Post Requests
\Web Service(*)\Post Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Get Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Options Requests/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Get Requests


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