So I’ve been a gmail fan and user for as long as I can remember. I actually remember when gmail was beta, and invite only. But long before gmail I was a hotmail user. Yes it’s true hotmail was truly a great web based mail application. Well, they were great “In my opinion” up until around the time I discovered gmail. Any current Gmail user knows that the feature set and things that Gmail does well, make a lot of people scoff at corporate email and ask why can’t this be more like gmail.

Well I’ve had live id’s, and a pluthera of other email accounts in additional to my gmail address. From 3rd party free accounts to self hosted accounts etc… But a couple weeks ago I read that Hotmail was being re-launched (re-invented/modernised?) as Me being a typical early adopter that I am decided I’ve give it a look especially with it have the promise of a new modern, clean interface. (I guess that would fit with Microsoft’s new cleaner interface with some of their other upcoming products, SharePoint 2013, office 2013 etc…) I created a new account, and was slightly disappointed that the login interface uses the live login provider, where I already have 2 or 3 other accounts to confuse it with. But getting past that, the clean interface has kinda grown on me. It’s simple. And it works.


Furthermore I found a great article showing how to send email on behalf of my gmail account. So I’ve forwarded my gmail to my new account and can see new emails in the nice clean interface as well as send emails out on behalf of myself. So far so good. I also have been doing the import of my old emails into outlook. I don’t know what the max limit it but I’ve got more than 5yrs of email in my gmail account. I guess I’ll see if they can all “fit”.

More about later.‚Äč


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