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OneNote 2010 Error – OneNote cannot create a new notebook at:

Ran into a really odd issue where a customer was trying to create a new OneNote 2010 notebook in SharePoint 2007. Everytime he tried to create the notebook in a document library he’s get the error below. I could reproduce the issue on my machine as well. After checkin Document library permissions and about a hundred other items I decided to do some real digging and realized that the​ OneNote 2010 uses WebDav to communicate with SharePoint. First thing I checked was the WebDav Client on my local machine and wouldn’t you know it, service was stopped. So I kicked on that server and Viola….err still broken. Perhaps server related was my next thought. I took a look at the Web Service Extensions in IIS on the server, and sure enough. Web Dav was “Prohibited” in IIS under the Web Service Extensions. So after looking around to make sure no one saw me enable it in PRODUCTION, kidding…. Always test what it’s gonna break in a dev environment first. Anyways I verified that I was having the same issue in Dev, then Set WebDav to “Allowed” in IIS, and was able to create and sync my new workbook with no issues. So lesson learned, OneNote 2010 and SharePoint need WebDav Allowed in IIS on the SharePoint Servers, as well as the webdav client running on the local machine. (BTW the WebDav client in winxp is a service called...

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$ErrorActionPreference Variable

Let’s say you have a powershell script that you’ve developed and it requires some runtime variable, or specific snapins, and you want to make certain that your script doesn’t skip line 20 if line 15 has a null value for a variable etc… You can actually add the parameter ​$ErrorActionPreference = “” to your code. The Parameter can except 4 difference values which are: Continue (this is the default value and what you get if you don’t include this parameter in your script at all) SilentlyContinue Inquire Stop In my scenario I was working with a custom script and everytime it’d try to load a powershell snap in that was already loaded in my profile, the entire script would die, because my parameter was set as this. $ErrorActionPreference = “Stop” I quickly modified it to $ErrorActionPreference = “Inquire” This way I could see what things it was erroring on, and choose to Halt, or continue on with the script. A great blog post to follow is here

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The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

Today I was deploying a solution to a web application and got the error message The process cannot access the file ‘MySolutionsName.dll’ because it is being used by another process.” After first giving the normal “What the What?” I checked the solution store and noticed the solution was in Error, and had the same error message listed. Looked like there was some issues with the solution file earlier during the day, either someone deploying it or retracting or maybe both. So after scratching my head and deciding that Uninstalling SharePoint wasn’t going to be a good option (just kidding btw), a quick google pointed me to an article below. Referencing a similar issue and giving a quick step on how to figure ou what process is holding your DLL hostage.  So I followed the steps; opened up a command prompt and typing in tasklist /M mysolutionheldhostage.dll(replacing the dll name with the name of my DLL). and it returned a list that a powershell process had a hold of my dll. So I opened up task manager, and sure enough a developer was doing something or the other to my dll in powershell. Next steps you could do would be KILLING THE PROCESS, or you could take a much gentler approach like contacting the offending user and asking them if they could close the app. WARNING, “Killing a task by force through the task list...

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SPTechCon 2012 – San Francisco – Day 1 (for me anyways)

So it’s been a while since I’ve gotten a new blog up. It’s most certainly not for a lack of topics, new and exciting happenings or anything like that. It’s primarly been for a lack of extra time to get all these topics and conversations into a presentable form instead of one just long rambling run on sentence. Well, I think I’ve finally found some time due to me getting a little break from the office to fly out to my first Technical conference ever, the SPTechCon 2012 Conference in San Francisco. It’s been a huge blast so far. Well most of it. I don’t think it’s a secret that I haven’t been watching the twinkies the way I probably should have been for the past few years. Combine that with the rarity of me taking commercial flights and the tendency to completely forgot how small airplane seats are. I absolutely realize this is NOT the fault of the airline, the seat manufacturer, the engineer who designed the internal layout of the plane, bad sharepoint data on jet liner comfort ratings or anything with me being missed during the last Gallup poll on do I prefer being squished or squishing others. Anyway’s the first flight was okay, I wasn’t in the middle and there happened to be an entire empty row, where it appeared a family of three overslept,...

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Anonymous Theme

One thing I noticed with an Anonymous Blog site in Foundation is, the user always gets the default theme. I did some googling today and ran across some info in the comments section of this blog I followed the steps below in my v4.master page and it works for me. 🙂 I noticed that the calendar dates were still using the default css and not using the theme, but adding the blog.css link resolve it for me.   “Mark Humpage on October 5, 2010 at 11:09 pm said: To have themes work in anonymous access for SharePoint 2010 Foundation – you will need to do the following. View the page in a non-anonymous access SharePoint site, you will see the themes applied correctly. Right click the page and view source. Scan for “corev4″ and you will find the css link that SharePoint renders in the final html output. You will need to copy this link and put it into your master page – I put mine below the tag. SharePoint:SPHelpPageComponent There are other css links in the same location that I have not played with. I’m not clainming this as a cure all for the problem – but it’s a start!”...

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